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>>She can Make Alone Look Pretty<<

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Credit goes to LJ User dirrty_skank for making me this amazing Friends Only Banner!! Thank you!

Credit goes to crazykaosbabe for this amazing banner!

Credit Goes to chik_click

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BSB Is Old School Love Credit goes to rockthesoul_05 for making this.

Backstreet Boys are brotherly love

Credit goes to [Bad username: funinthesun2004]

Kid Justice is Love

Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli is Love.

Third Watch is Love

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Written with a pen
Sealed w/ a kiss
If you are my friend
Please tell me this:
Are we friends
or are we not
you told me once
but i forgot
tell me now
and tell me true
so i could say
im here for you
of all the friends
i ever met
you are the one
i wont forget
and if i die
before you do
i'll go to heaven
and wait for you
i'll give the angels
back their wings
and risk the loss
of everything
just to prove
my friendship is true
to have a friend
as nice as you